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Why directgov jobs are only a fraction of the jobs market

Directgov jobs are sometimes thought of as the ‘be all and end all’ in the process of job hunting; with many job hunters under the impression that this is where it is at in terms of the range of jobs. However this notion is actually really misguided. Not only do directgov jobs only list jobs that have been sent to them by their registered companies, but in addition to this, there are other factors that mean the directgov jobs list is no where near as full as it should be.

Directgov jobs Vs. the rest of the jobs market

Employers are becoming ever more adept at getting the most exposure for their job positions; they use all manner of mediums to recruit the very best. This means that competition has never been tougher, no matter the industry. By limiting themselves to only jobs available through directgov, job hunters are at a serous disadvantage. Instead they should be using plenty of other ways to look for jobs and get their name over to companies that they are interested in working for.

It is relevant to denote that some companies actually choose to only advertise through their website, so it is worth going directly to the company website to view their positions. The idea behind this, is that companies believe that only the best, most motivated of candidates, with a genuine desire to work for that company, will go to the effort of undertaking this research.

An additional factor that limits the list of directgov jobs is the fact that many employers do not even advertise their positions (even though they are legally required to do so, under equality laws); instead, they undertake internal job recruitment, choosing from their existing base of staff to fill their roles. This situation is impenetrable by the every day job hunter, and it’s a sad fact that they’ll simply never know of these positions.

Job and Staff are an excellent alternative to the directgov jobs; in fact, they improve on the directgov jobs website offerings by listing every position available in the UK at that current time. This means that job hunters no longer need to be constrained to just the employers that chose directgov to advertise through.